SUST2001 Assessments


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The module is designed to provide stages of formative assessment before the summatively assessed work is submitted.  Formative feedback will be given on your independent learning tasks, development of your action plan, presentation and reflective diary.

Summative Assessment

The summative assessment components for this module are outlined below:

Summative Assessment Items

Indicative Word Limit or equivalent (e.g. time)


Intended Learning Outcomes Assessed

Anonymous Marking


Submission Deadline

Project plan for work placement

1000 word equivalent




25th November 2015

Reflective journal

1500 word equivalent




22nd April 2016

Individual interview

2500 word equivalent

25 minutes

(including discussion and questions)




Application form   29th April


4th May 2016

Pre-employment and Post-employment forms1





Completion of 100 hours work experience2





Risk Assessment





Failure to submit the pre- and post-employment forms by the deadlines will result in failure of the module. Furthermore, the latter will form the basis of an employer assessment to assess the student’s performance as satisfactory or not on a pass/fail basis.2 This will be confirmed by the employer on the post-employment form.


Guidelines for the above and criteria for evaluation of assessments will be discussed in more detail in the lectures and in some cases are given later in this handbook. The assignments required to be submitted are:

  1. 1.    Project plan for a work placement:

You should use the template provided during the lecture (or equivalent) to present your plan demonstrating how you are going to deliver your project. This should be detailed with timing against each action point. Any risks, barriers or additional support that you have identified should be included.

See below for grading criteria.

  1. 2.    Reflective journal:

You should critically reflect upon the challenges and rewards of working in the area of sustainable development within the organisation in which you carried out your placement. How have did you respond to these? How it has affected your personal development throughout your work experience placement? Students should demonstrate the ability to reflect both on the placement as a whole and on specific incidents which demonstrate the challenges and rewards encountered, which were clearly recognised. The responses to these show full reflection.

See below for grading criteria.

  1. 3.    Individual Interview:

Students will be given a mock interview for a job in sustainability. You will be required to complete a job application form for an early career generalist role in sustainability.  You will draw on your experiences of your placement to demonstrate how you meet the person specification in the application form and interview.  You will be given the questions in advance to prepare. Both the application form and interview will be assessed. The interview will allow you to expand on your experience and demonstrate to the interview panel how the organisation is integrating sustainable development into their work practices.  You will be expected to demonstrate if your project/work experience tasks came up against any barriers, how were these overcome, what was your role is identifying solutions. What was your course of action following any critical assessment? What was your initial action plan and how was this adjusted in light of your placement experience?

See below for grading criteria.


Non-Submission, Late Submission and Reassessment

Ensure that you give in your work by 3 pm on the deadline date. If it is given in after the deadline but within 5 days (not working days) of the deadline it will be marked but capped at a D-.  If it is given in after this period it will not be marked (unless you submitted the work within 14 days of the deadline and made a successful claim for mitigating circumstances).


Students who submit items of formative and summative assessment on time will benefit from gaining feedback on their work from module tutors and peers.  This feedback is valuable when completing future assessments and provides invaluable assistance should you be required to undertake re-assessment.

In normal circumstances assessment items should receive feedback and be returned to students within twenty working days of the date of submission.


Help with assessments.

If (after reading the assessment information given in this module outline, and any other relevant information which you have been given) you feel unsure about any aspect of your assessment, you should speak to your module tutors.

Module Surgery will be held as follows:

Kay Emblen-Perry      Tuesdays 13.45 – 15.45         MHG004

Katy Boom                  Tuesdays 14.30 – 15.30         HBG005

Information on grading criteria is available in the Module Handbook: SUST2001 student and employer handbook

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