SUST1001 Calendar

Semester 1

  Proposed Content
S1W1 24/09/2020 Thursday EE G020 LW, SE, KB What does sustainability mean to you and why does it matter? Activity: campus tour of sustainability features
S1W2 29/09/2020 Tuesday Online
Personalising sustainability: Understanding the challenges. Activity: Visit from the previous year’s SUST1001 cohort
S1W3 08/10/2020 Thursday EE G020 SE, KB Historic Context: Where has sustainability come from? Expert Witness:  – Representative from the Students’ Union to hear about the sustainability network
S1W4 13/10/2020 Tuesday Online
Critical Thinking: Questioning sustainability. Expert Witness: John Leah – Valuing nature
S1W5 22/10/2020 Thursday EE G020
The sustainable self-1: Values, Attitudes and Beliefs. Expert Witness: Tracy Sadler making raw chocolates and Kale crisps using the dehydrator
S1W6 27/10/2020 Tuesday Online
Dedicated Go Green Week Planning 1  
Progress Week  
S1W7 12/11/2020 Thursday EE G020 SE, KB The sustainable self-2: Can individuals make a difference? Motivation and persuasion. Activity: Go Green Week ISM model – learn about what’s required to help people change their behaviours
S1W8 17/11/2020 Tuesday Online
Environmental Sustainability 1: Is environmental sustainability achievable? Expert Witness: Rosie Rayner-Law Membership Projects Manager, The SRA (Sustainable Restaurants Association).
S1W9 26/11/2020 Thursday EE G020 SE, KB Environmental Sustainability 2: Biodiversity and conservation. Activity: Go Green Week – Nudge Theory
S1W10 01/12/2020 Tuesday Online SE, KB Social Sustainability 1: What is social sustainability and why is it important? Expert witness: Elly Lengthorn
S1W11 10/12/2020 Thursday EE G020 SE, KB Dedicated Go Green Week Planning 2 Formative Assessment: Group project plan for GGW – deadline for submission 12 noon 14/12/20.
S1W12 15/12/2020 Tuesday Online SE, KB Social Sustainability 2: Embedding community sustainability Expert Witness: Tilly Jarvis, NUS Eats
Christmas Break  

Semester 2

S2W1 19/01/2021 Tuesday Online
Economic Sustainability 1: What is it and how can it be achieved? Activity: Go Green Week
S2W2 28/01/2021 Thursday tbc
Dedicated Go Green Week Planning 3
S2W3 02/02/2021 Tuesday Online
Economic Sustainability 2: Costing the earth Activity: Go Green Week
S2W4 11/02/2021 No Session as such running GGW Go Green Week Expert Witness Session: Eric Duncan. Food Packaging – balancing waste food vs waste plastic
S2W5 16/02/2021 Tuesday Online
Go Green Week – Project debrief and publication.  
S2W6 25/02/2021 Thursday tbc
Presentations (Assessment 1). Discussion and peer feedback.
Progress Week  
S2W7 09/03/2021 Tuesday Online Sustainability Debate 1 – Local Vs Global Expert witness: Andy Stevenson Green Design
S2W8 18/03/2021 Thursday tbc Sustainability Debate 2 – Conservation Vs Development Expert witness: Alan Dixon
S2W9 23/03/2021 Tuesday Field Trip Sustainability Debate 3 – Technology Vs Tradition Field Trip to The Fold
Easter Break  
S2W10 13/04/2021 Tuesday tbc Sustainability Debate 4 – Future Directions for Sustainability Expert Witness: Professor Steve Martin
S2W11 22/04/2021 Thursday Online Course Summary and Debate
S2W12 27/04/2021 Tuesday tbc Assessment 2 – Individual Tutorials Deadline for Portfolio (Assessment 2): Thursday 6th May 2021

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