S1W3: Sustainability – The Historic Context

Welcome to Week 3 of SUST1001: Sustainability – The Historic Context
Thursday 8th October, 3.15 – 6.15 pm

Today is a super packed session full of exciting tasks and activities exploring the roots and shoots of sustainability!

In the first part of the session, Sian will be taking you back in time to think about the roots of sustainability: Where did it spring from? Who has been pivotal in its development? When did the idea of the need for alignment of economic, social and environmental sustainability emerge?

We will have a break from 4.20 – 4.35pm. Then at 4.35pm we will be joined by this week’s expert witness Megan Price who will be talking to you about how the Student Union is integrating sustainability into its activities and opportunities for Go Green Week. Meg is the SU President she’ll also talk to you about the new SU Sustainability Network.

Megs’ links




The last part of the session will involve completing activities relating to the session and ensuring that everyone is now up and running with their personal password for our VLE susthingsout, and checking how you are progressing with the independent tasks we set.

our list

What has influenced me in the last 20 years.

David Attenborough

Social Media – access to instant information timeline about how it was useful/informative and for social good… now is it?

Fake News/ Overwhelmed

Disasters BP oil spill

Palm Oil

FOMO anxiety


Waste target……

Online shopping

Amazon Prime

Fast Fashion


Cars – EV’s

Free range



Charge for plastic bags

Ease of access – Tesco big corporations promoting


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