S1W2: Learning Task

For this week’s learning task we would like you to complete three activities:

1) Continue reading The Sustainable Self by Paul Murray (2011). Please complete chapter two for next week.

2) Your individual post – you need to:

  • add an explanation for your definition of sustainability  (how is it similar/different to those discussed in the session and why did you make these choices?)
  • add a short paragraph introducing a topic of interest in sustainability that you a) feel strongly about or b) you want to find out more about, include details of why you chose this particular issue.
  • add an image to your post which reflects your individual interpretation of sustainability or the sustainability issue you have selected. Your image could be a work of art, film still, advertisement, photo, it could be historical or modern.

If you have any questions/comments please email Sian (sian.evans@worc.ac.uk).

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