Go Green Week 2020 Resources

GGW Template for Litter Pick1

GGW Template

Allergens spreadsheet template (2)

UniCycle ISM Intervention Planning Template

This is a student completed form for a bake off style activity. We are adding this as another example. We are not saying it is an exemplar, but we thought you may like to see another worked up example.

This is a completed example of the Students’ Union Risk Assessment form. They recommend we use this as a template, example as many of our activities will have similar risks and hazards.

This is the completed RA for making Beeswax Wraps. This took place off campus so will need to be slightly amended to the Hangar location, dates etc changed.

This again is for go green week in the city, so needs just minor alterations.

This is a blank poster for advertising your events

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